Ralf Sallam

Known as Ralf Salam

Author, Human Rights Activist.

United Kingdom

Anti Fascist Activist *ANTIFA*

Founder and Member of The European African Human Rights Organization (EAHRO).

  • B.s.c Business administration (Tan).
  • LLB Candidat (Lon).
  • M. Law (Melit).
  • CER Public Law ( Lon)
  • PhD Candidat (E.m.u).

The Author of:

  • The Moon Lover (Novel).
  • The Fatty Sal ( collection of Short Stories).
  • The Bulgarian Flowers (Novel) under publication.
  • Emergency International Code. (Legal Academic Book).
  • Egypt Freedom of Expression between Emergency and Suppression. (Middle East Politics).

Academic Articles and Papers

  • The Relationship between States of Emergency, Politics and the Rule of Law (Article) (The Canterbury Law Review Volume 23, 2017) (peer-reviewed article)
  • The Human Rights Standards in combating Terrorism and, maintaining Security: A comprehensive analysis of the, Counter-Terrorism Measures taken by the United States. (TGLR Vol-5, 2018). (peer-reviewed article)
  • A Case Study of the Egyptian States of Emergency and its Effects on the Rule of Law, The European African Human Rights Law Review (EAHRLR Vol-  V ,2019) (peer-reviewed article).

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