Rousseff and De Lula


By Ralf Sallam

One cannot understand the human behavior, when sometimes end up  harming the same person who had  helped him?

let us take an example of Brazil, where two of the greatest leaders Lula Da Silva and Dilma Rousseff  whom had dedicated most of their life to improve the Brazilian economy, those two heroes had ended up been punished after all the efforts they had don to their poor citizens.

You ask

Are you sure that Brazilians citizens really want to harm Lula and Rousseff ?

This question had taken me a couple of weeks to come with an answer; since I am one of those whom do their home work before judging,

The question could be interpreted as; weather the Brazilians is the sort of people who would harm who gives them hand?

I would not agree with that.

You don’t know the Brazilians then, they are some of the warmest people you could ever meet.

If so, then who is responsible for this scandal? and who created it? And who used it as a weapon to destroy Lula and Rousseff reputations, and not only Lula and Roussef but even to destroy the economic development of Brazil?

After many searches, I suggest that the problem is bigger than of Brazil, the problem is over there in New York City, and specifically in Wall Street.

It begins with the fall of the American Impair, at the time of George w. bush.

Many countries were rising to share the world economic cake, china, the EU, Turkey, and as such Brazil had started to appear among those rising nations who demand their share, Lula and Rousseff were working hard to develop the country national and international economic reputation.

in the beginning the Americans did not give them attention, believing that a poorly educated man as Lula wouldn’t create an economic threat to their policy,

-he wouldn’t understand our trick that is what they said to themselves.

But later they realized that they were mistaken, they realized that Lula and Rousseff experiences were above most of the economic tricks that their Harvard consultants had developed.

The developments of the Brazilians economy was effecting negatively  the American Wall Street Masonic organization business, since Lula and Rousseff had changed the role the Americans organization used to play according to.

before Lula and Rousseff came to power, the organization used to acquire most of the Brazilian big projects with tenders fixed specifically to fit them, wile since Lula and Rousseff came to power the both were enforcing the efficiency of the Brazilian anti corruption department, step like that had made it hard for the American organizations to cup with such masseurs, and to maintained their share of the Brazilian economic cake.

You would ask, do Americans have dirty minds to that point?

I would say No

The regular American citizen is good and kind person, and not harming at all, but the problem lies in some families, those families had created Masonic orders more than hundred years ago,  this Masonic orders were created in order to control the wealth of America , later on they had expanded their activities to other countries, those  secret Wall street organizations buy politicians, economists, military, police  personals , they control  The CIA  and The FBI.

There are Financing institutions,  some big enterprises that you always think someone else Owen,

In reality, the someone else is just a front cover for the Wall street secret organizations business, Bill Gates Microsoft, Steve Jobs Apple, Mark Zuckerberg Face book, Lary Page Google, eBay, Amazon, Master cards Visa Cards, PayPal, and cetra…  all just a Covers for the activities owned in reality by the Organization, their activities spread all over the world to included Media, Publications, TV channels, Universities, Banks, legal Institutions, Hospitals, oil trade, and stock exchanges.

They rise and sponsored  kids loyal to them from schools to universities, by offering them scholarships, and then inserting them into most of the important institutions, foreign Military men, foreign policy men, from around the world are also sponsored, financed, the organization help them of issuing visas and quick access to green cards for their families, they acts as a consultants to most of the dictatorial regimes around the world, including the Arab Gulf Royal families, managing their finance, support their demands for arms, influence the decisions of exporting arms to them, supplying them with security information.

Most of the American politicians you know or heard of in the last hundred year, in reality have no power accept the power of their voices, because many of the important people working around them are a part of the organization, don’t be impressed by the appearance of Obama or others in front of a TV talk and talks, they only talks, but who posses the real control? it is the Organization, think about American president who claimed himself ‘the most powerful man in the world’, who cannot even issue a pan or a control over the selling of Guns in his country, cause the organization does not want to, they benefits from this activity, or even as a black president cannot stop the killings of black teenagers, the man have in reality no power, the organization has conducted him to only act as a house slave, do you still think that the US president is really strong?? The answer is simply No.

This kind of control the Organization possessed had been weekend lately outside of the US,  and precisely since the beginning of the twenty first century, for  some powerful regional leaders start to emerge, creating a new independent national policy in which had undermined the power the American organizations possessed, one of those examples is of  Lula and Rousseff, and of  Erdogan the Turkish president, Erdogan by the way is a very close re-sample of Lula, many similarities between the both; in how they brought up, their education, the economical background and the steps both had taken to improve  their countries’ economies.

But rising those nations independent economy means for the secret organization, that their share of the international economy will be squeezed, and since they cannot compete honestly, the only way are available in front of them is to eliminate their competitors, and they uses the agents that they had bought of those countries, some Turkish or Brazilian citizens who wouldn’t dare to sell even their Owen mother for money, such species could be found in all over the world. they used those agents to destroy  any politician who stand against the organization policy,

The problem was that Lula and Rousseff were not prepared to fight the dirty war, or they might did not know how to, many accusation were fabricated to removed them from power and to appoint others who are liable to the organization, the same plan’ in which they had used with Erdogan the Turkish President, accusing his son of alleged corruption, but that did not work with Erdogan, so they prepared a military coup, and that did not work ether, the man proved to be not an easy task for Ann Paterson the Organization Officer responsible for handling the overseas political activities, and the ex American ambassador to Pakistan that a cupe had been organized by her during her service, and also the ex ambassador to Egypt were similarly  cupe was also organized by her.

But the Problem Paterson had faced is different this time the planes that works in some places and times would not work the same way in other places, and Erdogan is not Morsy the super naive president of Egypt, Erdogan is an old fox, and their are no ways to underestimate his intelligence,  he stand strong declaring that Turkey is not a country in Africa?? one could understand from the coup development that; he had clear information about what was going on before hand, and was well prepared , it seems that he was acting as a professional hunter awaiting for the Prey to fail into his trap, the trap that he had prepared  since a wile, and the Americans had had it, he caught the biggest fish of the organization working stuff  in Turkey, and throw them  in prisons, in a humiliation Manner that the Organization had never experienced before, some sources said that he was getting help along the way from the Russian Secret service.

But let us return to Brazil and ask about the fate of Lula and Rousseff, I can only suggest that; if the Brazilian citizens do not act and move to the street to support Rousseff, as how the Turkish  don in supporting  Erdogan, the day will come when they regret that they had one day abandoned two of the most precise pearls that Brazil had ever produced.


TURKEY “the Emerge of New European Power”

By Ralf Sallam
With determination and hard work during the last twenty years, all historical evidence suggests that the role of Turkey in Europe is increasing.
Increasing to the point of no return, and that the emerging of new European superpower is inevitable, But would that expand of power could lead to the acceptance of Turkey in the European Union’s?.
One could suggest yes,
Specially  after it appears that the main opposition to Turkey’s  membership became either  economically not credible as in the case with Greece, or  politically deployed as with the Case of France.
It appears clearly that Europe needs a strong members to enforce its economical and political policy,  with many financial  and political problems, starting from the joining of many east European countries “of which their economies are suffering from a huge defects, and their productivity is never or less has create  disadvantage to the rest of the western members”, to  the Ukrainian case.
Ending with the Syrian refugee crises , in which time has revealed that the Turkish proposal to solve the problem seems reliable. And that Germany cannot stand alone carrying the responsibilities of the whole block.
That would lead to one logical conclusion, that soon or later the European unions have to accept the Turkish membership.
One could believe that the only Two problems that would confront the Turkish, is that of the Kurdish case and the other one is of Cyprus Case ,, the ease of those two problems will certainly leads to ease the Turkish enrollment to the European union, but the question that remained unanswered is do the Turkish are willing to ease those problems?, only the future will respond  to that question.


Clinton Or Trump?

By  Ralf Sallam
years and years has passed, and you standing their trying to learn how to continue  living, unfortunately it is not  easy as the old days any more??

The old days? ooh

what a days? where roles were predetermined in advance, and you was able to think logically about your next step.


Nowadays it seams as if  you are living inside an automatic washing machine, that spins and spins thousands of time every minutes, and you became confused and frustrated.

It might be not all your mistakes that you had ended up  at this point, and you say; it is the politicians who went in the wrong direction and we all were just following blindly,
Yeh blindly, as you just has said??, we never  know that their policies would take us down to that direction, a direction that made it heard for everyone to live  a normal life anymore.
I say we all had contributed to the developments of our life and more to the distraction of it.
but is there still a hope? you ask
Yes you still can stand strong back if you had learned from your mistakes, you have to know  that if you don’t   stand against those wrong politicians, you will continue in our way declining.
We all can creates alternatives ways, to protect and to lead ourselves to safety and normality, and i believe that our first step and the most important one should be taking the right decision in the next elections.
If we all do the rights choice that means that we are putting our feet at the first step to brings our decent life style back to normality and  feel with our humanity.

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